19 ottobre 2021

Radical chic vittoriane

Articles by Karl Marx in The People’s Paper

The Duchess of Sutherland and Slavery

Published inThe People’s Paper, No. 45, March 12 1853;

London, Friday, January 21, 1853 — During the present momentary slackness in political affairs, the address of the Stafford House Assembly of Ladies to their sisters in America upon the subject of Negro-Slavery, and the “affectionate and Christian address of many thousands of the women of the United States of America to their sisters, the women of England”, upon white slavery, have proved a god-send to the press. Not one of the British papers was ever struck by the circumstance that the Stafford House Assembly took place at the palace under the Presidency of the Duchess of Sutherland, and yet the names of Stafford and Sutherland should have been sufficient to class the philanthropy of the British Aristocracy — a philanthropy which chooses its objects as far distant from home as possible, and rather on that than on this side of the ocean

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19 ottobre 2021

Il futuro

Jacob Ochtervelt (Rotterdam 1634 – Amsterdam 1682 ) A CHILD AND NURSE IN THE FOYER OF AN ELEGANT TOWNHOUSE, THE PARENTS BEYOND 1663 (collezione privata)

18 ottobre 2021

CRT spiegata al popolo




















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18 ottobre 2021

Wang Huning, lo stratega

Wang’s America: deindustrialization, rural decay, over-financialization, out of control asset prices, and the emergence of a self-perpetuating rentier elite; powerful tech monopolies able to crush any upstart competitors operating effectively beyond the scope of government; immense economic inequality, chronic unemployment, addiction, homelessness, and crime; cultural chaos, historical nihilism, family breakdown, and plunging fertility rates; societal despair, spiritual malaise, social isolation, and skyrocketing rates of mental health issues; a loss of national unity and purpose in the face of decadence and barely concealed self-loathing; vast internal divisions, racial tensions, riots, political violence, and a country that increasingly seems close to coming apart.

16 ottobre 2021

Bari Weiss


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We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage

We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage

Say no to the Woke Revolution by Bari Weiss

A lot of people want to convince you that you need a Ph.D. or a law degree or dozens of hours of free time to read dense texts about critical theory to understand the woke movement and its worldview. You do not. You simply need to believe your own eyes and ears. 

Let me offer the briefest overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution, which are abundantly clear to anyone willing to look past the hashtags and the jargon.

So the tools themselves are not just replaced but repudiated. And in so doing, persuasion—the purpose of argument—is replaced with public shaming. Moral complexity is replaced with moral certainty. Facts are replaced with feelings. Ideas are replaced with identity. Forgiveness is replaced with punishment. Debate is replaced with de-platforming. Diversity is replaced with homogeneity of thought. Inclusion, with exclusion.

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15 ottobre 2021

Ogni tanto, in rete, si trova il buon senso

14 ottobre 2021


Finalista nel 2015. Ha una marcia in più.

Chi passasse di qua e fosse interessato a conoscere per tempo un nuovo fenomeno della musica, potrebbe ascoltare, per esempio, l’ultimo brano, l’Andante spianato e grande polacca brillante op.22, eseguito ieri (dal minuto 27). Il passante si assicurerebbe così il privilegio di utilizzare la selezione da me fatta, fra decine di partecipanti al concorso Chopin di Varsavia.

Poiché Aimi Kobayashi ha passato il turno (e ci mancherebbe) non resta che riascoltarla sabato alle 12,20.

Qui l’intero terzo turno (Aimi dal 2h e 35)

13 ottobre 2021



12 ottobre 2021

Beh, però: non per essere offensivi, ma chi non capisce è scemo.

11 ottobre 2021

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