La nuova sinistra

In the past, the Left were champions of blue-collar workers against the managerial, big business classes. Jobs, pay, and decent living standards for ordinary citizens were the priorities. A few leftists (Bernie Sanders in the United States and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain) continue this tradition. They are, notably, significantly older than most other left-wing politicians. They are also loathed by much of the establishment in their respective parties. Why? Because the mainstream Left today has very different priorities. There was no reason why the Left had to abandon its old blue-collar base. The industries that employed their voters have largely disappeared, but the voters themselves didn’t go anywhere. Indeed, as voters in old working-class heartlands entered economic crises, the Left should have been more attentive to their concerns. But that didn’t happen. Instead, leftists chose to ignore the former working class, and turn to a very different electoral coalition: latte-sipping metropolitan voters, fairytale dwelling antiwar activists, ugly women (sigh), and minorities. The fact that minorities were only a small section of the electorate didn’t bother the Left; they could always import new voters. Zero fucks were given about the rapid influx of cheap labor or the deluge of new welfare recipients. Both of these obvious consequences only added further pressure to the already-beleaguered, long forgotten, working class base.


Gramsci argued that as a precursor to revolution, the old traditions of the West—or “cultural hegemony,” as he called it—would have to be systematically broken down. To do so, Gramsci argued that “proletarian” intellectuals should seek to challenge the dominance of traditionalism in education and the media, and create a new revolutionary culture. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re forced to take diversity or gender studies courses at university, or why your professors all seem to hate western civilization, blame Gramsci.

“Dangerous Milo” di Milo Yiannopoulos


6 commenti to “La nuova sinistra”

  1. Quindi alla fine gliel’hanno pubblicato.

  2. Ma l’inglese è contro Topogonzo o contro di me? Io e lui abbiamo capito solo ugly women. Inece cosa siano questi collari blu proprio non lo abbiamo capito. Chiederemo al sig. Train.

  3. Giustamente sostiene, ma quando lo vedono proclamano sciopero senza preavviso.


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